Where do I start? Most likely, if you are reading this piece, you know me from the lacrosse community or just in general, but I'll give a little background for those who are new here.

This piece will be focused on the lacrosse community but wraps around to all of those around me. The way I got into the lacrosse community was well a little different. I’ll get this out of the way, I didn’t play lacrosse growing up. I grew up in Odenton MD, right smack in the middle of Baltimore and Annapolis MD, with the only connection to…

Stars, Stars, Stars. Not the ones that we look up to in the sky but the ones that we look up to on the field and in our hearts. Lets be real, they control everything in all sports including lacrosse.

That wasn’t more evident than in the announcement on Monday that PLL star and co-founder Paul Rabil has been traded from Atlas LC to newly added and re-branded Cannons LC to finish his career with the team he started with in the MLL. This trade is much different than others in lacrosse in not only the fact that it is…

The Redwoods Lacrosse Club. Photo Courtesy: foxbuisness.com

Hey guys back again! I’m gonna make this short and sweet, Its officially mock draft season and with the PLL making the entry draft order official, I am ready to release my official mock entry draft. I will list all of my picks then provide analysis at the end of each round! Cheers to the season! *Note- This was published before the Atlas traded Rob Panell to the Redwoods in exchange for the third pick in the entry draft and a second round pick in the college draft.

The First Round:

  1. Cannons Lacrosse Club- A, Lyle Thompson
  2. Archers Lacrosse Club…

A Seals vs Roughnecks game(Photo Courtesy: inlacrossewetrust.com)

I, like a lot of you have grown into being a regular fan of the NLL(National Lacrosse League) and am happy to see the expansion of the league. Cities like San Diego, Philadelphia, Halifax and Fort Worth have all gotten franchises in recent years and they have done great so far!

In this piece I will discuss the places I’d love to see the NLL expand to.

  1. Baltimore- Let me just get this out of the way. Yes Baltimore is the closest major city to my hometown and I honestly think Baltimore would be a great market for an NLL…

Don’t Be Fooled: The Terps are the Team to Beat This Year

The Maryland Terps celebrating their 2017 National Title. Photo Courtesy: NCAA.com

Finally….Its game week in college lacrosse, teams will be kicking off their seasons this week and in the first time in what feels like forever, games will be played this year. Instead of worrying about the if and when.. we can finally worry about the who and the why.

Lets Get Straight to it: The Maryland Terrapins will be this year’s Men’s NCAA Champions!

Of course all of you so called pundits and fans will ask… why am I picking Maryland so early? Continuity and Depth.

In a…

Photo courtsey: awfulannouncing.com

With the recent merger of the Premier Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse being now under one umbrella of the Premier Lacrosse League, there will be a lot of players who may have had a shot of making a PLL roster in 2021, who will now be potentially be on the outside looking in. For this piece, I will only focus on guys who were on PLL rosters in 2020 or in the PLL Player Pool in 2020, expansion draft movement and MLL movement predictions will be saved for another piece. …

The Tewaaraton Award Logo. Photo Courtsey laxlessons.com

Will there be a season? How much of a season will it be? Will there be a conference tournament? These are questions we still do not know the answers to. However, if and when there is a season the best players will continue to be the best players and shine above the others. Here I will give you a list of some potentials that could win the coveted Tewaaraton award.

  1. Michael Sowers(Duke)- We know where he stands in the history of the college lacrosse. Princeton’s All time Leading Scorer, over 300 goals, over 120 goals, you know the deal. Now…

What do you think of when you see the word “twitter”? When I see it, I think avenue, opportunity, expression and open dialogue. Having used twitter since I was around 13 years old, I was always aware of what it could do as far as bringing people together and rallying around things but I witnessed it firsthand when I pressed send on one particular tweet.

As a lot of you know already, I am in the pursuit of a career in the lacrosse industry. I live and breathe lacrosse(surprising considering I didn’t play right?). This particular tweet has been something…

If you’re reading this by now you know there was big news in the lacrosse world. If you’re new to the lacrosse world, I’ll give you the dumbed down version of why everyone and their mother is having heart issues according to their twitter accounts and my perspective on said merger.

So there was two lacrosse leagues, one being Major League Lacrosse, started back in 2001 in a city based model and which everyone who was good enough to be a pro played in up until the 2019 season. Then came the Premier Lacrosse League started by former MLL MVP…

Hello world. I am Jordan Johnson. I am a media and communications major at UMBC and I am a freelance sports journalist. Whether you found me from the lacrosse world, other socials or through others, welcome. A lot of you have seen my work on prolacrossetalk.com or thesportscol.com or just through social media. Why have I chosen medium? I want this to be a spot where I can freely write about anything! This is going to be a lot about lacrosse because that is my passion but also I’m sprinkling in some other topics too such as the NFL, NBA and even life topics. I hope you find this to you’re enjoyment and welcome to my journey!

Jordan Johnson

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